Safety First

At Ely Concrete Construction, Safety isn’t just a part of our day-to-day business…it’s our number one core value.

No One Gets Hurt

From our frontline employees to our CEO, it is the responsibility of everyone at Ely Concrete Construction to ensure each worker, including direct employees and subcontractors, gets home safely to their families each and every day.

Safety at ECC

Ely Concrete’s implementation of a proactive, world-class safety program and best practices enables us to focus on leading indicators that continuously drive improvements year after year with a system that actively involves management in the safety process. Our program helps to reinforce our philosophy that we have to strive for completing projects where “No One Gets Hurt.” It also sends the message that we will not compromise on safety for production or schedule by generating involvement in the safety process and building relationships with our greatest assets, our people & clients.


  • Increase safety awareness between employees; Safety for Self – Safety for Others.
  • Improve communication throughout our operations
  • Improve supervisory and management skills.
  • Identify future training needs (Safety and Production).
  • Reduce unsafe acts and/or conditions and resulting injuries and illnesses by over 50%, annually.
  • Lower Worker’s Compensation costs for our industry.


  • People are the most important part of any Safety and Health Program.
  • Incidents (injury, illness, auto, equipment, etc.) are preventable.
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Management is accountable for safety performance.
  • Training is an essential element of an industry leading safety program.
  • Preventing injuries and illnesses is good business for everyone.
  • Safe work practices need to be reinforced, and unsafe acts and conditions need to be corrected in a timely manner.
  • Safety is a condition of employment; if you cannot work safely, you cannot be a part of our team.


  • Supervisory and craft employee attitude, motivation and “buy-in”
  • Personal Responsibility – Safety for Self – Safety for Others
  • Planning safety into our operations
  • Training
  • Near miss reporting with rewards not punishments
  • Communication of performance
  • Corrective/Preventative action

At Ely Concrete Construction all field personnel maintain a 10-Hour OSHA Certification and all members of management, Crew Foreman and above, maintain a 30-Hour OSHA Certification. Our dedicated approach to safety, coupled with continual training and education, has resulted in an EMR rating of 0.89 for 2019 — which is well below the commercial concrete construction industry standard. As of January 2019 we have worked over 1200 days of no lost time incidents. As our company grows, we continue to improve our program and diligence.

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