Supporting the community that supports us.

In October of 2018, after the devastation of Hurricane Michael was incurred, Ely Corporation and Ely Concrete Construction organized a relief effort amongst its vendors and trade partners for the City of Port St. Joe. In all, we delivered 22,176 bottles of water, (588) 2x4s, (264) sheets of plywood, 20,000 nails, 115 gallons of gas, 8 chainsaws, 6 circular saws, 10 boxes of gloves, 40 sleeping bags, 36 blankets, 28 towels, 90 rolls of toilet paper, 10 tents, 60 flashlights, 22 first aid kits, 12 cases of diapers, 100 t-shirts, 60 hoodies, 58 tarps, 110 bags of ice and multiple cases of baby food, formula and toiletries.


Ely Concrete Construction along with its supporters will be conducting our fifth annual Wounded Warrior event in 2019. This event has always been a great success, a full weekend of fishing, grilling and camping that is focused on the children of our wounded warriors.

Join us in supporting our second annual event in October 2019.

2019 supporters include:

  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • Cabela’s
  • Paradise Boat Rentals
  • Dugout Fishing & Advice
  • Zeigler’s BBQ Catering
  • Redtop Mountain State Park
  • Striper
  • Ready Mix USA
  • Wayne Davis Concrete

Our team supports some of the biggest names in our community.  

Our team supports some of the biggest names in our community.  

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